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Precautions of Usage and Maintenance:

  • Keep the product away from high temperature, rain, moisture, heavy load, scrape, moldy, acid, perfume, or corrosive chemicals.
  • Keep the product away from prolonged direct light and heating, which may cause destaining, discoloration, and deformation of the bag.
  • Choose professional luxury maintenance products for maintenance instead of shoe polish.
  • Place the product in the brand dust bag for collection, which can not only protect the leather surface from scratch but also ensure the ventilation between the leather and the outer.
  • Do not seal leather products together with plastic products for a long time to avoid bleeding.
  • Avoid frequent frictional contact between the bag with jeans fabric clothes as far as possible to avoid dying.
  • Always wipe the metal fittings with a dry cloth to make them bright and dry to prevent discoloration and rust.

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