The Story Behind Chanel Number Five

Mademoiselle Chanel chose the name no.5 because she believed this number is a lucky charm. “This number would bring her luck”, she said as she presented her dress collection on the fifth of May – the fifth month of the year. So she left the name No5.

Chanel Factory 5

To celebrate Chanel’s 100th anniversary, Chanel launched the limited-edition Factory 5 capsule collection. This collection offers the experience of luxury in everyday life. The few products are made of hard tin and you can repurpose the packaging as decorative. Inspired, in part, by Pop Art and reminiscent of Andy Warhol’s own infamous Factory. He most famous example is Warhol’s paintings of Campbells Soup tins – and this collection aims to do something similar, imbuing mundane objects with some No.5 magic.

Read about Chanel Factory 5 (Link Article)

Chanel Factory number five is necessary for all Chanel lovers. You can buy this for a gift. 
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