About Us


Lavergne.id is Indonesian marketplace for curated branded lifestyle that ensure our customers with good quality and authenticity goods. This platform provides a user-friendly website, and also a curated collection of luxury branded goods that are authenticated and quality controlled by our team. Not only that customers can easily shop through this platform, customers can also directly ask our experts in the chat bar. We only sell authentic items, and for that we give you 100% money guarantee for buyers.

Brand Mission


We are a trusted authenticated luxury sellers that is dedicated to deliver goods that are ensured to be authentic. We aim to build a user-friendly environment that ensure the consumer with peace of mind for good quality and authenticity goods.

Brand Values


Our business is dedicated based on 3 values; Customer-Oriented, Authenticity, and Luxury. For almost 6 years, we have been delivering luxury goods for customers with a special and unique shopping experience and authenticity assurance. Making the customers to enjoy a wonderful time with us has always been our main priority.

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